A Place For Words: Continuing The Conversation

A Place For Words is intended as a starting point for debate. It is born out of an observation that creative writing could play a larger and more recognised role in the process of regeneration than it currently does, and a desire to investigate the potential of, and make the arguments for, this kind of work.

Our hope is that A Place For Words will inspire, and provoke questions and ideas, for those interested in this area, coming from whatever angle, and that it will continue to grow and develop as UrbanWords and others initiate exciting creative writing projects that engage with regeneration across the UK.

We have set up an online network, called Shaping Place. This is a space for conversations about creative writing and urban development, where interested people can discuss issues, share best practice, and test out ideas relating to how writers and urban design professionals can work together. Please visit the site and get involved in the conversation: Shaping Place Network

Sarah Butler, Director of UrbanWords, will be regularly updating the blog, accessed from the link below, charting her own thinking and work in this area. Please take the opportunity to add your comments and thoughts. Your input will make the debate a richer and more exciting one. Events, training, and other opportunities will also be highlighted here.

Place for Words Blog