I have a newly commissioned piece, titled SK-13131313-1 in a limited edition publication accompanying Dafna Talmor’s solo exhibition, Constructed Landscapes, which opens at Photofusion Gallery in Brixton, London on 9th March and runs until 6th April.

Dafna writes of the exhibition:

Constructed Landscapes is an ongoing project that stems from Talmor’s personal archive of photographs, initially shot as mere keepsakes across different locations that include Venezuela, Israel, the US and UK. Produced by collaging medium format colour negatives, the process relies on experimentation, involving several incisions and configurations before a right match is achieved.


Transformed through the act of slicing and splicing, the resulting images are staged landscapes, a conflation combining the ‘real’ and the imaginary. Through this work, specific places initially loaded with personal meaning and political connotations, are transformed into a space of greater universality. Blurring place, memory and time, the work alludes to idealised and utopian spaces.

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