The Live Writing Series

Tomorrow, Friday 1st November, I’m taking part in The Live Writing Series.

Brainchild of writers Gemma Seltzer and David Varela, The Live Writing Series invites 7 writers over 7 weeks to react, compose and immerse themselves in a public place, bringing it alive with the real-time broadcast of their work for all to see.

You can catch every keystroke, dramatic pause and perfectly crafted sentence as it happens online. You’ll also have the chance to make requests and suggest ideas that may become part of the live piece.

I will be at Woolfson and Tay Bookshop (39 Bear St, London, SE1 OUH) weaving together audience suggestions and ideas from the bookshop and its environs into my narrative. If you’re in the area, do drop in between 11.30 and 6.30 (I’ll be having a break from 3-4) and get involved (plus there are books to buy and coffee to drink and cakes to eat), or visit to watch the stories unfold online.

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