Walking The Edge, Didsbury

Project Name: Walking The Edge
Dates: 22-26 June 2015
Place: Didsbury, Manchester
Partners: Didsbury Arts Festival

river sm

We know the road is coming – it beats the sound of running water – but it is still an assault, a right-angled twist up into concrete, railings, a different kind of sky.

Each day, from 22-26 June, I walked the outer ward boundary of (East and West) Didsbury, and uploaded a new short piece of writing to the festival website at the end of each day.

I was joined by a range of people – local residents, artists, academics – and together we followed road and river, sticking as close to the mapped boundary as we could, as we discussed the relationship between the line on the map and the physical lived experience of the place.

The final pieces of work can be read on the Didsbury Arts Festival website.

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