BS1 was a two year programme of creative interventions in response to the evolution of Cabot Circus in Bristol City Centre, from building site to retail centre

BS1 was set up by Neville Gabie and Insite Arts as part of Neville’s own residency at Cabot Circus in Bristol. Six artists, of different disciplines, concerns and stages of their careers, were invited to participate in the BS1 programme. Each was selected to respond to different aspects of the site; which evolved on a daily basis. These commissions offered the opportunity to witness the dramatic transformation from inaccessible, hoarded-off building site to a highly visible, highly appealing public retail and leisure space. Equally though the remit for this project also invited the artists to consider the impact this development will have on the established communities of St Paul’s, St Jude’s and Old Market which surround the site.

UrbanWords worked with Neville and Insite Arts on the sixth and final commission for BS1. We appointed the novelist, Donna Daley-Clarke, to respond to the site and particularly to the stories of the myriad of different workers involved in creating the shopping centre. Visit the BS1 site to find out more. And visit Donna’s BS1 blog to read her three stories, Dirt, Stone and Glass.


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