Outbreaks Of Rain: A Tipping Point Commission

kevin dooley via photopin cc

kevin dooley via photopin cc

Outbreaks of Rain is a TippingPoint commission, which came out of Weatherfronts: Climate change and the stories we tell – a conference organised by TippingPoint in collaboration with FreeWord and Spread The Word.

Rain is my central image, or lens if you like, for this new work, in which I also want to address the themes of uncertainty and scale – two biggies when it comes to climate change and how we conceive of and talk about it.

I have decided to begin this commission with a participatory research process, initiating on and off-line conversations with a range of people (including children, architects, cyclists, atmospheric scientists and forecasters) to explore the science of rain; the mythology surrounding rain; the relationship between climate change and rain; how rain impacts on our individual lives and psyches; and how uncertainty and scale operate in relation to rain. I would love you to get involved, so do please feel free to visit the blog and leave a comment.

I will blog creative responses to my research throughout September and October, and the final piece will be completed by December 2014.

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