Project Name: Re/Place
Dates: April-May 2015
Place: Chorlton, Manchester
Partners: Words and Fixtures; Chorlton Arts Festival

Not so much a graveyard, as a tunnel of space in between the green and the pub with a path of gravestones laid from one end to the other. The hard voices of afternoon drinkers nursing pints and fags bleed over the back wall. Birds chirrup and cheep and shit their berry-heavy lunches across the grass and the worn grey stones.

I was one of six writers commissioned to create new work for performance, inspired by lost or ruined places in Chorlton, Manchester. My short story, titled Also Sarah, is my response to St Clement’s Churchyard. Readings to date include Chorlton Arts Festival, May 2015 and Verbose, October 2015. You can read the full story here.


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