Something Rhymed: 10 Things I Admire About You

10 thingsI was delighted to be ask to write a guest blog post with my good friend Tessa for the website, Something Rhymed, an exploration of literary friendships by writers Emma Sweeney and Emily Midorikawa.

Each month, Emma and Emily feature a female literary friendship on the site and set a monthly ‘challenge’ inspired by the featured writers. February’s challenge was inspired by Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou’s friendship and involved making a list of the things you most admire about a friend. We also made a nod to the paperback publication of Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love by making a list of ten things we admire about each other.

You can see the lists, and read more about our responses to the challenge on Something Rhymed‘s website, and hopefully be inspired to get involved yourself.

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